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About Us

AHOD Services, LLC. is a premier Transition Coordination Agency whose main focus is finding housing for eligible clients that no longer wish to live in a nursing facility. We aid in guiding Medicaid members toward safe and affordable housing along with an array of services to assure independent living is achieved and sustained. By assessing the needs of the people we serve and creating a plan to meet their goals we help make quality living a reality where it once proved elusive for some. Based in the heart of Colorado Springs and serving counties throughout the State of Colorado, we provide the following services:Transition Coordination, Housing Transition Set Up, Life Skill Training and Peer Mentor-ship. These human right necessities are available to Medicaid members who choose to utilize our agency. Enhancing the quality of life for the people we serve and the communities in which they reside.


Mission Statement. “Our mission at AHOD Services is to have an ‘All Hands-On Deck’ approach to providing the services our Members need by assisting each client with the care and concern they deserve.”

Founder Monique Flemings believes, “It’s bigger than just finding housing.” By defining the needs of each person we can determine if services are available in their area, if skilled home health care is needed, as well as what durable medical equipment is needed, transportation assistance and more. “Each individuals care is unique and its our job to provide assistance as such.”

Collectively our staff has over 30 years of community service and experience. We’ve specialized in senior community living, real estate & housing development, long term health care and accessing community resources. We understand the needs of each individual on a personal level as well as from our position in the work field.

We are the people we serve. This is our community. Our neighbors, families and friends. It is our duty to provide the best of services. By serving them we serve ourselves.

AHOD - Monique Speaks to SBDC

AHOD - Monique Speaks to SBDC


I arrived at the facility fresh out of the hospital with nothing more than the clothes on my back. I was scared and relieved all at the same time.  I thought it would be a brief stop on my journey in life but little did I know that my seizures would hold me hostage in this place for nearly two years.  I was first introduced to the AHOD team by my contact at The Independence Center.  Shortly thereafter I met Dee. She was my transition coordinator and would be there to walk me through the process of finding my home.  A few months later after some trials and tribulations Dee and her moving team were there to move me out! I had finally achieved my first goal: independence.  She was there for me every step of the way.  After that the rest of the AHOD team stepped in. I had my Life Skills Trainer here to help the next few days to help me set goals and help me navigate the services I needed.  Through a series of baby steps I started to blossom. I slowly came out of my shell and the fear of living on my own disappeared.  These things wouldn’t be possible without the complete circle of care I received from AHOD. I’ve met the goals I set and so many more.


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